Monday, July 20, 2009

It’s that time of year again…


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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I want a baby....just for a few hours!

If you have a newborn or are pregnant (Britt) watch out! I have been drooling over these amazing newborn pictures. I can't wait to get my hands on a little one and try out some of these fun poses! By the way, who ever is next (Mel), you better have twins... so we can wrap them all around each other :)

Favorite Baby Poses

1. Olivia, 2. the "new" pose..., 3. In a bucket..., 4. aiden...5 days, 5. 16 day old bebes..., 6. heart pose ambition, 7. brown, 8. perfect everything., 9. perfect everything., 10. Thanks Carrie & Brit, 11. OOPS...we did it again!, 12. Adison...

My look-a-likes…

000_0317 webEver since I pulled out Summer’s old clothes to replenish Ella’s closet, I have been waiting to put this nightgown on her. I remember Summer wearing it and the pictures we took of her making faces with Daddy. 



Ella was not having any part of making faces…she refuses to perform on the spot. When I pulled up both pictures to compare we were shocked to see how similar Summer and Ella look, I’ve never thought they look alike but the pictures don’t lie!000_0311 webIMG_0033 web

Summer tried to recreate her mad face…

IMG_0034 web 000_0313 web

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A day in the life of Ella Claire…

I’ve seen this done a few times and I thought it would be a fun thing to do for Ella’s birthday. (April 29, 2009)

Good morning Ella!

IMG_9254 edit

Time for breakfast, Ella’s least favorite meal. She is so picky, usually something that works one day is hated the next. She has been eating yogurt but the past few weeks she has used it more as paint, lotion, and hair gel than for nutrition. I’m still trying to find something that she can eat herself (there is no helping her eat, she is very independent) that doesn’t make a huge mess.IMG_9242 edit

After we get Summer and Jace on their bikes and off to school we watch a little Sesame Street…IMG_9245 edit

Some playing and being silly for the camera…

IMG_9250 edit

Got all dressed up to go run some errands…IMG_0017 web

Home again for some lunch, we stopped at McDonald’s for some chicken nuggets and french fries (her favorite) along with a banana and some chocolate soy milk…yum!

IMG_9258 edit

IMG_9259 edit

While we were out Cade hurt his finger at a store and as soon as we got home we put a band-aid on it. Ella had to have a “ticker” too.

IMG_9260 edit

After a quick card game (they LOVE to play Uno!) it is time for naps…

IMG_9270 edit

A snack of goldfish and yogurt raisins and a visit from our neighbor Cole…IMG_0019 web

Taking a break from playing outside to play some music for us…IMG_0021 web

Time for dinner! Ella is a very messy eater, but when she likes something she eats a ton!IMG_0023 web

Time to open a present from Grandad Welch (the rest will wait till her party). She gets a swimming baby doll…

IMG_0030 web

Jump in the tub to wash off the dinner remains and try out the new baby…she LOVED it!IMG_9275 edit

We forgot to open the cards earlier…she got one with a $10 bill from Nana and Papa.IMG_0037 web

Time for a snack… thanks to leftover camping supplies and Papa’s emergency candle that he made us, we have s’mores pretty often :)

IMG_0039 web

Ella has always loved brushing her teeth…

IMG_0040 web

Summer loves to read to the kids and they love books…IMG_9279 edit

After telling everyone goodnight and giving out lots of hugs and kisses, it’s time for bed (must haves: “Ella” pillow, blankie, paci, and a variety of dolls….

Good night sweet girl!

IMG_0048 web

It was so fun to “follow” Ella around for a day…I think I will definitely do this again for the other kids!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 things....

(image from

This was really yummy last sweet and sour recipe I have found yet that has no weird ingredients that I have to make a special trip to the Asian market to get.

And this cute little thing...
I love spring in Texas!
IMG_9044 web

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Office Makeover

We decided a few months ago that we would decorate one room at a time in the house instead of jumping around to a bunch of different projects and then never finishing any rooms. The current room we're working on is the office. It is very close to being done... we need some art work, some more storage, and to paint one more wall. I put together a design board to help me with all the ideas going on in my head.

office mood board web.jpg

The bookcases, desk, table, chair, wall art, sticks, curtains, green storage boxes, and wall shelves we have already (and are all from ikea). I was struggling with something to put in the space over our desk, I've looked at a few art pieces but I'm afraid that it will be too much with the art I want to get for the shelves (the above Black Apple painting and this Suzanna Anna print . Here's an example....

IMG_8343 2.jpg

I thought about getting a bulletin board and painting the f  rame teal but that's still too much brown for me....we really need something in the room that is teal besides the desk chair. So I got some clipboards last night and some paint and we will just nail them to the wall and clip reminders, pictures, etc. on to them.

Something like this...


I added the orange desk lamp, I'm trying to decide if I want a couple of those or something sturdier like a floor lamp. The library style storage is from Target but I think we're gonna go with some lockers instead. I found these and these at a local antique store, we'll probably head there the end of this week to check them out.

And finally, I added the imac on top of our computer just for fun when I showed this to Tyler and I guess he thought it looked good there cause we went and got it the next day :) So that's what is taking up my mind most of these days and why I haven't processed any pictures lately. I'll be adding a full room tour as soon as we're done...until then check out this beautiful workspace, I don't think mine will ever be that neat!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Wrap-up

feb 365 web

We had a fun month! I've definitely noticed that I'm turning my camera to more inanimate objects than kids these last 28 days. Sometimes those things tell more of the day to day story of our lives.

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